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In an audit of how public sector grants to Tanzania have been managed, the Office of the Inspector General handed out poor grades across the board. The OIG also said that many of the problems it uncovered had already been identified in an earlier audit in 2009.
The OIG released a report on the...
11 Feb 2016
Editor’s note: This is a longer version of an article on this topic already posted on GFO Live.
There are numerous and serious deficiencies in the management of public sector grants in Tanzania, according to the Office of the Inspector General. Tanzania is one of the biggest recipients of Global...
11 Feb 2016
A dispute over clauses in contracts with a sub-recipient in two malaria grants in Cambodia regarding how travel costs should be accounted for was resolved in December 2015, according to Dr. Luciano Tuseo, who heads the World Health Organization’s malaria program in Cambodia. Dr Tuseo is quoted in...
9 Feb 2016
The Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization has upheld an appeal by John Parsons of his dismissal as Inspector General by The Global Fund in November 2012.
The tribunal said the termination process was “fundamentally flawed” and “procedurally unfair.” It ruled that the...
9 Feb 2016
The theft of medicines by workers in public health facilities in Malawi has become rampant and represents a serious threat to Malawi’s fragile health systems.
In an article in the Nyasa Times on 8 January 2015, the Minister of Health, Peter Kumpalume, is quoted as saying that almost a third of the...
8 Feb 2016

Aidspan is an international non-profit organization based in Kenya whose mission is to reinforce the effectiveness of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria by serving as an independent watchdog of the Fund and its grant implementers

The “Fair Share” of Shared Responsibility: An Aidspan Report on Willingness to Pay
25 Jan 2016

This is a report emanating from a case study analysis by Aidspan of how The Global Fund’s willingness-to-pay policy leveraged additional government resources in the new funding model.