Global Fund releases comprehensive information on country allocations

26 Apr 2014

The Global Fund has now published a comprehensive database of country-specific information on the 2014-2016 allocations under the new funding model (NFM), following the 12 March announcement of country allocations.

The spreadsheet is available for direct download here.

All eligible countries and components that will receive funding during the next cycle are listed in the table, including the total allocation per component, broken down into (a) money to cover existing grants and (b) additional funding (where applicable). The percentage breakdown by component of the total allocation for each country is also shown.

The database also identifies which components are eligible for incentive funding beyond the country allocation announced on 12 March, and whether the country is eligible for stand-alone health systems strengthening funding.

Whether a component was over-allocated or significantly over-allocated is also depicted in the table.

The 38 countries required to submit joint concept notes for HIV and TB are also identified.

Of the 301 components listed, 63 received only enough money to cover existing grants. Aidspan plans to conduct further analysis of the database and will report on the results in a future article.

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