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The 42nd Global Fund Board meeting discussed the Sustainability, Transition, and Co-financing (STC) policy as part of the ‘pre-day’ agenda, in the form of an “interactive discussion”. This discussion reaffirmed the importance of this policy and its implementation. The STC policy aims to invest...

16 Nov 2019

Initiatives to bolster Supply Operations were at the center of the Global Fund's 42nd Board Meeting in Geneva, which concluded Friday, November 15.

The Board was updated on progress toward, and remaining challenges in, implementing the Market Shaping Strategy (MSS), which aims to improve...

16 Nov 2019

Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) that took part in the CCM Evolution pilot have demonstrated an enhanced capacity to oversee grants and engage with other national structures and coordination platforms, according to a Secretariat report to the Board, at...

16 Nov 2019

In his second annual report to the Global Fund Board since taking office in early 2019, Peter Sands began his address to the meeting by hailing the recent success of the Sixth Replenishment Conference in Lyon, where the Fund raised $14 billion.

Sands said it is now up to all to turn the...

16 Nov 2019

On 14-15 November 2019, the Global Fund Board held its 42nd meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. A ‘pre-day’ of information, discussion and interactive sessions was held on 13 November. Aidspan and the GFO/OFM were present, with observer status. The main decisions made at the meeting, in...

16 Nov 2019

Aidspan is a non-profit organization based in Kenya whose mission is to reinforce the effectiveness of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria by serving as an independent watchdog of the Fund and its grant implementers

Roundtable Report - Involvement of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) in Global Fund Grants Oversight
15 May 2018

Aidspan convened a two-day roundtable meeting on Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) involvement in Global Fund grants based on a multi-country case-study in Cameroon, Malawi and Rwanda.