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Other news relating to the Global Fund partnership

11 Sep 2019
Lancet commission on malaria eradication; Global Fund focus on private sector partnerships

Lancet Commission confirms malaria could be eradicated by 2050


Global Fund’s new results reporting methodology critiqued as being “insufficiently rigorous”

1 May 2019
The methodology was developed following extensive multi-year consultations

On the cover of its Results Report 2018, the Global Fund loudly proclaims: “27 million lives saved.” The top-line figure is the result of a new methodology used to estimate the Fund’s impact.


Le partenariat entre le Fonds mondial et Heineken continue de faire la une

29 Mar 2018
Selon un éditorial dans The Lancet, Peter Sands doit trouver un équilibre entre sa passion du secteur privé et le respect du pluralisme de la communauté de la santé mondiale

Le partenariat Fonds mondial/Heineken continue de faire des remous, et le Directeur exécutif du Fonds mondial, Peter Sands, s’est vu entraîné dans le tourbillon.


Partnership between the Global Fund and Heineken still making the news

19 Mar 2018
Editorial in The Lancet says that Peter Sands need to balance his passion for the private sector with respect for the pluralism of the global health community

The Global Fund–Heineken partnership continues to reverberate, and Global Fund Executive Director Peter Sands has been caught up in its vortex.


Sands will bring a stronger focus on economic aspects of the diseases, editor of The Lancet says

28 Nov 2017

Peter Sands “looks likely to re-engineer the Global Fund to take more seriously the economic aspects of infectious disease threats,” editor Richard Horton writes in The Lancet. The commentary appeared on 25 November.


L’AHF et des chercheurs appellent à plus de transparence dans les estimations de l'ONUSIDA relatives au nombre de personnes sous ARV

11 Oct 2016
Certains résultats du ‘Global Burden of Disease Study 2015’ diffèrent des estimations de l'ONUSIDA
L’ONUSIDA répond qu'il est confiant que ses données sont justes

AHF and researchers call for more transparency in UNAIDS’ estimates of the numbers of people on ARVs

17 Sep 2016
The Global Burden of Disease 2015 Study produced some results that differ from the UNAIDS’ figures
UNAIDS responds that it is confident its estimates are accurate

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), a Los Angeles-based AIDS service and activist organization with a global reach, has called for more transparency and accountability in the way UNAIDS estimates the number of people living with HIV/AIDS who are on life-saving antiretroviral treatment.


Study Links Global Fund Grant Performance to Possible Contributory Factors

15 Jun 2007

Global Fund grants where the Principal Recipient (PR) is not a government entity are somewhat more likely to perform well, according to a recent statistical analysis published in The Lancet.

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