OIG sees improvement in the Global Fund’s grant-making processes, but identifies delays in implementing system enhancements

31 May 2017
Delays could affect the Secretariat’s ability to sign grants on time

The Office of the Inspector General’s second audit in three years of the Global Fund’s grant-making processes has found that many of the risks identified in the original audit have been addressed. However, the OIG said, implementation of systems enhancements has been delayed, which may affect the ability of the Fund to sign grants on time.


Key population networks call for strengthening engagement in grant-making and implementation

3 Apr 2017
New study offers recommended actions to enhance “meaningful community engagement”

An independent review of the engagement of civil society organizations (CSOs) and key populations in processes related to the Global Fund’s funding model has found significant lapses in inclusion.


Global Fund releases new resources related to the applications process

27 Feb 2017
Applicant Handbook and Funding Request Status Tracker now available

The Global Fund has released two resources which will be of interest to persons involved in the applications process – an Applicant Handbook, designed to support applicants in the preparation of funding requests for the 2017-2019 funding cycle; and a Funding Request Status Tracker. This article provides information on both resources.


La FAQ donne plus d'informations sur le processus de demande de subventions pour la période 2017 à 2019

9 Nov 2016

Le Fonds mondial a récemment publié une


FAQ document provides more information on applications process for 2017-2019

3 Oct 2016

The Global Fund has released a nine-page Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document on the applications process for 2017-2019.


Regional concept notes: Update on TRP approvals, rejections, and iterations

21 Jun 2016
We correct an error in an article on this topic in GFO 289

The last issue of GFO included an article on the 15 regional applications that were submitted in the second wave. The main focus of the article was on the application and review processes.


Update on the second wave of regional concept notes

7 Jun 2016
Applicants note improvements in the process, but observe that some challenges remain

Applicant experiences in the second wave of regional concept notes (RCNs) improved over last year, but challenges remain for the process.


Only a small number of country concept notes remain to be processed

22 Mar 2016
Almost 90% of the notes are in grant-making or have already resulted in Board-approved grants

The Secretariat has provided an update on the new funding model to the Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee and the Financial and Operational Performance Committee. The update has not been made public but Aidspan has received permission to report on its contents. The Secretariat also provided Aidspan with additional information for this article.


Risk management processes during grant-making are inefficient and ineffective: OIG

2 Mar 2016
Three-month target for completing grant-making often not met

Current risk management processes are inefficient and ineffective in supporting the identification of risks during grant-making. This is a critical weakness because grant-making aims to identify and pre-empt potential implementation challenges so that implementers “hit the ground running” once grants are signed.


OIG identifies deficiencies in grant-making process

2 Mar 2016
Cumbersome processes, inadequate systems cited

While grant-making under the new funding model is better than it was under the rounds-based system, there are still many inefficiencies caused by cumbersome processes at the Secretariat level, duplicated documentation, and inadequate systems.


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