Ambitious national targets for getting people on treatment often not reflected in grant performance frameworks, GAC says

13 Dec 2017
The reason? “Limitations of budgets in the 2017-2019 allocations period”
GAC calls for urgent inter-agency discussions, with donor governments included

In its report to the Board on the third batch of grants it recommended for approval, the Grant Approvals Committee (GAC) said that it was very concerned that national programs have ambitious goals to continue scaling up antiretroviral therapy (ART), with the aim of achieving the 90-90-90 targets or even treating all patients diagnosed with HIV – but that these goals are not necessarily reflected in performance frameworks because of “limitation


New government in Macedonia budgets for ARVs and prevention services to KAPs, as Global Fund support comes to an end

19 Sep 2017
Decision hailed as a “very important step in ensuring the sustainability of HIV services”
MOH will be required to establish a long-term mechanism for funding CSOs

On 5 September, the recently elected government of the Republic of Macedonia ordered the Ministry of Health to allocate 103 million Macedonian denars  (approximately € 1,674,000) within the National HIV Program for 2018 to (a) ensure continuous access to antiretroviral (ARV) treatment for HIV-positive people; and (b) support the implementation of HIV prevention programs among key affected populations (KAPs) such as men who have sex with men (M


Cent millions de dollars pour les jeunes femmes dans les demandes de financement présentées au Fonds mondial pour les deux premières périodes d’examen

20 Jul 2017
Cinquante millions de dollars sont par ailleurs proposés dans les demandes hiérarchisées au-delà de la somme allouée

$100 million for young women in first two windows of Global Fund requests

18 Jul 2017
A further $50 million was proposed in prioritized above allocation requests

In funding requests submitted to the Global Fund in Window 1 (20 March 2017) and Window 2 (23 May 2017), more than $100 million was proposed for adolescent girls and young women (AGYW). This calculation includes both allocation amounts and matching funds. In addition, more than $50 million was proposed for AGYW in prioritized above allocation requests.


Tanzania requests $700 million for HIV, TB and malaria from the Global Fund

14 Jul 2017
Two new civil society PRs will implement new and innovative programs

Tanzania has requested $703.4 million from the Global Fund for its HIV, TB and malaria programs as well as for building resilient and sustainable systems for health (RSSH). The country submitted an integrated TB/HIV funding request as well as a malaria/RSSH request, both on 23 May 2017. The TB/HIV funding request was for $426.3 million, of which $38.4 million was a prioritized above allocation request (PAAR).


« Le quart pour la prévention » : Une étude révèle l’insuffisance des investissements du Fonds mondial dans la prévention du VIH en Afrique

4 Jul 2017
Sur 15 pays africains, 15 % seulement des programmes de subventions du cycle de financement 2014/2016 ont été consacrés à la prévention du VIH

Un nouveau document de travail publié par l’ICASO et l’EANNASO suggère que le Fonds mondial n’investit peut-être pas assez dans la prévention du VIH en Afrique pour atteindre ses cibles.


“A Quarter for Prevention”: Study finds Global Fund investments in HIV prevention in Africa fall short

27 Jun 2017
Across 15 countries, just 15% of grant programs from the 2014-2016 funding cycle went towards HIV prevention

A new discussion paper released by ICASO and EANNASO suggests that the Global Fund might not be investing enough money in HIV prevention in Africa to meet its targets.


Global Fund and Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon will collaborate on cervical cancer prevention

16 May 2017

On 6 April 2017, the Global Fund announced that it had signed an agreement with Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon to collaborate on programming to prevent cervical cancer. Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon is an independent public-private partnership dedicated to the delivery of services for the prevention and treatment of cervical and breast cancer.


Information on regional programs that were awarded funding in August

16 Sep 2016
Four programs were given $25 million

Among the grants approved by the Board in August (see GFO article) were four regional programs which received $25 million. The Board was acting on recommendations of the Technical Review Panel (TRP) and the Grants Approvals Committee (GAC). This article provides a summary of the some of the comments made by the GAC concerning the regional programs.


Des efforts pour maintenir les soins VIH en Crimée

1 Feb 2016
Le Fonds mondial travaille étroitement avec les RP ukrainiens et les ONG locales
Le Fonds est le seul donateur international à opérer dans le territoire annexé

L’annexation de la Crimée par la Fédération Russe depuis février 2014 a altéré de manière significative les programmes du Fonds mondial dans la région.


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