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Qualitative adjustments process decision expected from Global Fund’s July Committee meetings

9 Jul 2019
Strategy Committee will take decision before November Board meeting

Next week, the Global Fund Board’s Strategy Committee (SC), Audit and Finance Committee (AFC), and Ethics and Governance Committee (EGC) each meet for two days, between July 15 and 19. The Committee meetings are closed, and the discussions undertaken are usually not made public afterwards - unless some of that content takes the form of recommendations to the Global Fund Board.


Global Fund Board approves updated allocation methodology for 2020-2022

16 May 2019
Methodology is similar to those used for 2017-2019 and 2014-2016 periods

The allocation methodology for the 2020-2022 allocation period approved by the Board at its meeting on 15-16 May looks a lot like the methodologies used for 2017-2019 and 2014-2016. For the most part, the changes were relatively minor. The only significant change involved refinements to the disease burden indicators for malaria for the allocation formula (see below).



Global Fund Board reviews allocation methodology in advance of decision at May 2019 meeting

15 Nov 2018
Some refinements likely but no major changes expected

The Global Fund’s Technical Evaluation Reference Group (TERG), the Technical Review Panel (TRP) and the Secretariat have jointly concluded that the allocation methodology used for 2017–2019 “is effectively delivering on its objectives by increasing funds to countries of higher burden and lower economic capacity while accounting for populations disproportionately affected by the three diseases.”


Work underway to refine the Global Fund’s allocation methodology for 2020–2022

24 Apr 2018
Strategy Committee has agreed on the timelines and process

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers remarks at the closing session of the Global Fund Replenishment Conference in Montréal, Québec, 17 September, 2016


Description des processus d’ajustement qualitatifs pour les allocations pour la période 2017/2019

21 Dec 2016
Le processus a été décidé par le Comité stratégique en juin 2016

À première vue, il semble que le processus d'ajustement qualitatif pour les allocations de la période 2017/2019 soit plus simple que le processus utilisé pour les allocations 2014/2016.


Parameters for the qualitative adjustments for 2017-2019 allocations

15 Dec 2016
Determined by the Strategy Committee in June 2016

Last June, when the Strategy Committee approved the qualitative adjustment process for 2017-2019 allocations (see GFO article), it also approved the parameters that are being used to make the adjustments in Stage 1 (epidemiological considerations) and Stage 2 (holistic adjustment – primarily absorption and impact).


Description of qualitative adjustment process for 2017-2019 allocations

29 Nov 2016
Process was decided by Strategy Committee in June 2016

At first glance, it may appear that the qualitative adjustment process for the 2017-2019 allocations is simpler than the process used for the 2014-2016 allocations. But, in the final analysis, it is probably every bit as complicated.


Le Fonds mondial devrait aligner ses investissements à effet catalyseur aux objectifs mondiaux pour l'éradication du paludisme

5 Jul 2016

En 2015, l'Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) indiquait que plus de la moitié des 106 pays où le paludisme continuait à se transmettre en 2000, avait réussi à faire baisser l’apparition de nouveaux cas d’au moins 75 %. Les investissements du Fonds mondial ont été, et continuent d'être, un facteur clé de ce succès.


The Global Fund should align its catalytic investments with global targets for malaria elimination and eradication

7 Jun 2016

In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that among the 106 countries with malaria transmission in 2000, more than half had achieved at least a 75% reduction in new cases. The Global Fund’s investments have been, and continue to be, a key driver of this success. Dedicated funding for malaria has dramatically reduced the malaria burden and sustained these reductions.


Le processus pour appliquer les ajustements qualitatifs pour les allocations pour 2017 à 2019 sera-t-il vraiment plus transparent?

2 Jun 2016

Lors de sa dernière réunion les 26-27 avril, le Conseil a adopté une méthodologie d'allocation pour 2017-2019 (voir l'article de l’OFM ). Elle ne diffère sensiblement pas de la méthodologie utilisée pour les allocations 2014-2016.


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