Indonesia Global Fund HIV/AIDS Grant IND-H-NU

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Grant Details
Grant NumberIND-H-NU
Principal RecipientNahdlatul Ulama
PR TypeCommunity Sector: Local Faith Based Organization
Official Start Date11 January 2013
Total Agreement Amount$11,334,031
Total Committed Amount$11,334,031
Disbursed thus far$11,334,031
Disbursed as % of Agmt Amt100%
Latest disbursement$-13,036 (1 March 2017)
Grant Agreement End Date31 December 2015
Ratings since January 2010Number: 5 Average: B2 Latest: B2
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Fund Portfolio Manager
Disbursement date  Disbursed amount  
19 July 2012$539,380
7 November 2012$1,278,992
4 March 2013$907,471
8 May 2013$2,179,445
16 December 2013$1,505,081
30 April 2014$1,760,945
10 December 2014$916,230
21 April 2015$546,394
9 June 2015$109,414
27 August 2015$1,901,860
17 October 2016$-298,146
1 March 2017$-13,036
100% of agreement amount
Progress update no.Period ratedRating  
1.01 July 201231 December 2012A2
2.01 January 201330 June 2013B2
3.01 July 201331 December 2013C
4.01 January 201430 June 2014B2
5.01 July 201431 December 2014B2
IndicatorService delivery areaPeriod rated  Target  Result  
From   To  
Number of NU PIKM (Community Health Information Center) established and functionalHSS: Community Systems Strengthening1 July 201631 December 20165943
Number and percentage of PLHIV received psychosocial supportCare and Support: Care and support for the chronically ill1 July 201631 December 2016N: 22,587 D: 45,173 P: 50 %N: 19,919 D: 44,071 P: 45.2 %
Number of KAPs who undergo testing and counseling and receive the resultPrevention: Counseling and testing1 July 201631 December 2016142,412129,434
Number of people received STI services Prevention: Behavioral Change Communication - Community Outreach1 July 201631 December 201656,51737,562
Number of condoms distributed to KAPsPrevention: Condom Distribution1 July 201631 December 20162,964,2783,236,229
Number and percentage of High Risk Man who receive standardized minimum outreach service packagePrevention: Key populations1 July 201631 December 2016N: 330,053 D: 687,610 P: 48 %N: 299,304 D: 687,610 P: 43.5 %
Number and percentage of PWID who receive standardized minimum outreach service packagePrevention: Key populations1 July 201631 December 2016N: 3,611 D: 4,514 P: 80 %N: 2,180 D: 9,430 P: 23.1 %
Number and percentage of transgender (waria) who receive standardized minimum outreach service packagePrevention: Key populations1 July 201631 December 2016N: 5,282 D: 6,603 P: 80 %N: 4,394 D: 6,603 P: 66.5 %
Number and percentage of MSM who receive standardized minimum outreach service packagePrevention: Key populations1 July 201631 December 2016N: 103,788 D: 283,573 P: 36.6 %N: 29,090 D: 283,573 P: 10.3 %
Number and percentage of FSW who receive standardized minimum outreach service packagePrevention: Key populations1 July 201631 December 2016N: 19,314 D: 24,142 P: 80 %N: 17,362 D: 24,142 P: 71.9 %
ConditionCondition typeCondition statusCondition tied to typeCondition comment
1. Conditions Precedent to Disbursements made by the Principal Recipient to New Sub-Recipients The disbursement of Grant funds by the Principal Recipient to any new Sub-recipients is subject to the delivery by the Principal Recipient to the Global Fund of a completed assessment, in form and substance satisfactory to the Global Fund, of that Sub-recipient’s capacity to implement Program activities, report and account for the use of the Grant funds, including but not limited to the following: i) financial and Management systems; and ii) suggested measures for strengthening Sub-recipient’s capacity, including recruitment of finance staff where applicable.MetOtherDisbursementThis has been met. The PR submitted the assessment of the new SRs to Gobal Fund on 31 December 2014, and the Global Fund subsequently approved on 16 January 2015.
STC #1 Together with each Progress Update and Disbursement Request, the Principal Recipient shall provide to the Global Fund, in form and substance satisfactory to the Global Fund, evidence that the Principal Recipient is implementing a performance-based system for payment of incentives to outreach workers.WaivedOtherOtherThis special terms and condition was waived in December 2013. The Country Team notes that the ORWs have very high targets and big reporting burdens (individual client profiles, daily outreach reports, monthly summary reports). As such, they are working full time. Thus, the model of per client incentive payment is inappropriate at this time.
STC #2 At least one month prior to the first disbursement of funds for training activities to be conducted during the Implementation Period, the Principal Recipient shall deliver to the Global Fund plans, in form and substance satisfactory to the Global Fund, for such training activities (the “Training Plan”). The Training Plan shall include, but will not be limited to, a detailed budget and assumptions for all training activities under the Program, procedures for the Principal Recipient’s financial oversight over expenditures to finance training activities and controls to protect Grant funds for training from the risk of misuse or diversion.MetOtherOtherThe PR has submitted the training plan for period of July 2012 - January 2015 to the Global Fund via email on 24 December 2014 which was subsequently approved by the Global Fund on 5 January 2015.
STC #3 Upon confirmation to the satisfaction of the Global Fund of the availability of alternative domestic sources of funding for incentives to outreach workers, the Program budget, as reflected in the Summary Budget attached to this Annex A, shall be revised and any resulting savings will be re-allocated towards other high impact interventions at the discretion of the Global Fund.In ProgressOtherOtherThe PR has not yet informed the Global Fund of availability of any alternative sources of funding for incentives to outreach workers. However, we noted that the PR has approached the corporate and local government to obtain local funding for the HIV programs. In Lampung, Manado, Maluku and Central Java (i.e. Tegal), there are corporate or local government that funds the mobile VCT services. We note the PR plans to organize a training for proposal writing for fundraising from corporate and local government in supporting OWs to sustain HIV prevention project, and develop an agenda to meet with the Social Ministry to look for opportunities of supporting OWs incentive. Furthermore, we note that the PR has already coordinated with the other PRs and TWG/ CCM regarding the Exit Strategy as the transition from the Global Fund financing. We noted that PR NAC agreed to conduct a procurement process of consultants that will provide MTA services to PRs. We noted in the TOR provided by the PR that the consultants for the exit strategy will work under the coordination of the experts from UNDP (who assisted the PR in developing this MTA plan), and report to the NAC as the coordinating agency for 4 PRs.
Organization typeOrganizationFirst nameFamily namePhone numberEmail addressRole
PR (Community Sector: Local Faith Based Organization)Nahdlatul Ulama (NU)Wan
dr. H. Imam RasjidiSpOG (K) authority
AnggiaErmariniayufaras@yahoo.comAdmin Focal Point