Global Fund evaluates Supply Operations, evolves wambo.org pilot

16 Nov 2019
The decision allows governments and non-government development organizations in Global Fund-eligible and -transitioned countries to use the online procurement tool

Initiatives to bolster Supply Operations were at the center of the Global Fund's 42nd Board Meeting in Geneva, which concluded Friday, November 15.


Global Fund’s wambo.org platform has not achieved projected savings, nor improved lead times for orders, OIG says

7 Nov 2017
Project has also experienced delays

Although clients using wambo.org express a high degree of satisfaction with the platform, the project has experienced delays, has not achieved projected savings, and has not improved lead times for orders, compared to the Pooled Procurement Mechanism (PPM).


wambo.org: Global Fund PRs may place a limited number of orders using domestic financing

4 May 2017
Pilot project approved by the Board

The Global Fund Board has agreed to allow wambo.org to facilitate, on a pilot basis, 10 procurements by principal recipients (PRs) using domestic funding. Each procurement can be for multiple products.

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