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12 Dec 2017

Donation from Spain in new debt swap


DRC may not meet its Global Fund co-financing requirements, GAC says

28 Nov 2017
Secretariat will increase monitoring of the DRC’s progress towards meeting its co-financing commitments
GAC also concerned about gap in the DRC’s LLIN coverage

The Grant Approvals Committee says that there is a risk that the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will not able to meet its 2017-2019 co-financing requirements.


Despite reservations, the Global Fund Board authorizes the Secretariat to sign agreement with the World Bank

4 May 2017
Agreement covers the performance-based funding project in the DRC

The Board has authorized the Secretariat to enter into an “Administration Agreement” with the World Bank for the performance-based funding (PBF) project in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). At first glance, this may not seem particularly newsworthy. But there are some unusual circumstances surrounding this agreement.


OIG audit reveals serious deficiencies in how money is being utilized in grants to the DRC

16 Oct 2016
Despite the progress made by the Fund in operating in what it defines as a challenging operating environment, difficulties in operating in the DRC remain an issue.

If one were to read the message by the Fund’s Executive Director Mark Dybul in an annex to the report of the Office of the Inspector General on its audit in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one would come away with the impression that with some minor exceptions, the Global Fund’s grants to the DRC are performing very well.


Salary incentives still paid by the Global Fund, despite efforts to remove them

6 Sep 2016
The organisation is working on gradually phasing out the payments, but is encountering resistance in some low-income countries

The payment of extra money to top up the salaries of workers implementing Global Fund grants was disallowed by the Fund two years ago, except in exceptional circumstances, but in some countries the organization is finding it hard to work out a way to keep the staff they need without paying these incentives.


Le Conseil approuve un financement pour prolonger la durée de deux subventions raccourcies en RDC et au Mozambique

23 May 2016
Un financement également approuvé pour les subventions TB / VIH au Libéria à partir des allocations 2014-2016

Pour la première fois, le Conseil a approuvé un financement supplémentaire pour des subventions à la durée raccourcie. La décision a été prise le 14 mars 2016, le jour même que le Conseil a approuvé un financement supplémentaire pour deux subventions TB/VIH pour le Libéria à partir des allocations pour 2014-2016.

Les subventions raccourcies


Board approves funding to extend the duration of two shortened grants in DRC and Mozambique

10 May 2016
Funding also approved from the 2014-2016 allocations for TB/HIV grants to Liberia

For the first time, the Board has approved additional funding for two shortened grants. The decision came on 14 March 2016, the same day that that the Board approved additional funding for two TB/HIV grants for Liberia from the 2014-2016 allocations.

Shortened grants


The challenges of CCM reform in the DRC

24 Nov 2015
The CCM will be integrated into a national steering committee for health

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a reform of the country coordinating mechanism is underway to make it comply with Global Fund requirements and to integrate it into a national steering committee for health, the Comité National de Pilotage du Secteur de la Santé.


Performance-based financing to be introduced in health centers in DRC

21 Sep 2015
One of the Fund’s goals is to harmonize interventions among donors

A new performance-based financing system will be implemented in the Democratic Republic of Congo, through a partnership involving the Global Fund, GAVI, Unicef and the World Bank. In 2016-2017, the Global Fund will allocate $20 million to finance health centers and their staff on the basis of the quantity and the quality of services provided.

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